Wishlist, Gifts and Guilty Pleasures    

I'm beyond tickled pink to be your preferred indulgence.  All gifts are very much appreciated and never expected, but since I'm always asked what I prefer....     well,  you asked.


LOVE gift cards, Any types of Flowers, white wine,  strong coffee,  fuzzy slippers, comfy socks, Lush bath bombs,  sweet soft whispers in my ear,  gentle caressing over my soft curves, Sexy lingerie and a handsome man to show it off to.  I have recently teamed up with http://www.baddtoys.com . I love their products, speedy fast delivery and outstanding customer service.  the dominatrx outfits are very intriquing and I know i will rock in them.     large or xl would be best due to my enormous girls!    use code  raquel at checkout to save 10%  if you'd like to purchase gifts for me to model for you during our engagements.          I do have a mailbox address, please ask. 


Hope this suffices your curiosity of the little things in life that get me in the mood.  OH, and if you bring me my FAVORITE chocolates, You'll have me melt in the palm of your hand...  lets see how resourceful you are!