I am prideful to be Louisville's top reviewed companion.   validation reviews are wonderful & always appreciated. Should you feel the need to review me,  In any service based industry you'll have fans and nay sayers. You can't please everybody and you get what you pay for gentlemen!  A classy, upscale companion knows her worth and wont settle for less.  We are all adults, lets respect each other's privacy.  I trust that the respectful gentleman that books an appointment with me will tastefully write a review intriguing the readers imagination.
My photos have been misused and misrepresented. Many sites post my photos with false information about me and fabricate detailed reviews to stimulate your desire to become a member. Now, they have your personal information and who knows where it will end up. You can kiss your reputation, privacy and credit goodbye!  Don't be fooled. 
Please keep in mind that this is NOT a relationship.   I am very selective with whom I choose to spend my time with so, Impress me don't annoy me.  I believe in a woman's right to choose, and I will exercise that right.  Please allow me to lead you in a seductive encounter you won't be able to erase from your deepest memories. I always strive to out-do myself and hope you will accept my challenge. 
There's always a bad apple in the bunch. Some just don't deal with break-ups too well. Thinking that negatively reviewing  providers on the internet will ruin their reputation and slow down  business.  Keep in mind there are laws that protect our privacy as well.  This is why we are forced to screen clients and eliminate bottom crawlers from falling through the cracks.
Be forewarned,
that what you put out there WILL bite you back.  
providers compare notes upon verification.  
  If you want to be treated like a KING you have to earn your right by your Queen! 
 No two sessions are alike. I don't have a set menu of services.  You are requesting that I allow you to spend quality time with me and experience  companionship like non other.
 Let's just relax and have fun,  It's better that way.
I am definately not mechanical nor boring.
 Spontaneous experiences are so exciting! 

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