Oh, That Dreadful Word.....Reviews. 


  In any service based industry you'll have fans and nay sayers. You can't please everybody and you get what you pay for gentlemen!  In my case, I'm a classy, upscale companion who knows her worth and wont settle for less.  As adults, lets respect each other's privacy & boundries shall we?  I understand the business and if deemed necessary, I trust that a respectful gentleman will tastefully review, all the

   while intensifying the reader's curiosity

Like most advertising provider's photos are misused and misrepresented. Reviews are fabricated to  stimulate your desire to find out juicy detials by requiring paid membership. Now, they have your personal information and who knows where it will end up. You can kiss your reputation. privacy and credit goodbye!  Don't be fooled. 

There's always a bad apple in the bunch. Some just don't deal with break-ups too well. Thinking that negatively reviewing  providers on the internet will ruin their reputation and slow down  business.  Keep in mind there are laws that protect an individuals privacy rights, acts of slander, defamation and libel are legal reminfications should you choose to intentially destroy a persons reputation that results in a detremental loss of income. 


 Thorough screening avoids the headache of dealing with bottom feeders.  i too can pay for excellent ratings but i'd rather earn them.  

what you put out there WILL bite you back.  Everything is traceable.

providers compare notes upon verification, therefore you are expected to be a top notch gentlemen

otherwise,...You're out of luck. 


 No two sessions are alike. I don't have a set menu of services.  The experience I am providing you is customised based on your  specific requests and what i learn from you prior to our meet. You're setting yourself up for disappointment when comparing your session to a review.

My ultimate goal is for you to experience how I REIGN over you, this is what you came for, allow me to live up to my name.


 Let's just relax and have fun,  It's better that way. I am definately not mechanical nor boring.

 Spontaneous experiences are so much more exciting ! 


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