Screening & Verification

 I truly believe that a genuine connection is necessary to get the most out of any experience.  Unfortunately, an hour is not quite long enough to build that connection.  the 1.5 hour appt is highly preferred for this reason. This way we will have time to get to know each other a little better without having to rush. I ask that you book the 1.5 hour appt upon  contact otherwise if you wish to extend your hour session it may not be available especially while on tour. 

 I do require mandatory screening for new friends. upon contact, please provide website links to 2 reputable providers. I am newbie friendly, employment verification will suffice. My assistant is very thorough and rest assured discretion is of utmost importance not only for you but for myself. your personal information is SAFE.  I will NEVER compromise my safety, if y ou're non-compliant with my screening process, I'm sorry we are not a good match.   



Impeccable hygiene and personal grooming are paramount...  I regret even having to mention but i have no choice due to past unmentionable experiences.  I will always greet you freshly showered and well groomed and I expect the same from my date in return.  therefore, please arrive on time to shower. 



First and foremost, the honorarium for my time is not negotiable. Haggling or trying to bargain these rates is not only disrespectful but also insulting and will not be tolerated. I am a luxury companion who provides a sensuous experience above all else and my rates reflect this. When your appointmentnis confirmed, you're expected to be aware of my rates and cancellation policy.  Please provide the appropriate amount in an unsealed envelope upon arrival in plain view. 

                                                           $400-$450/hour / $600-1.5 hour / $800 - 2 hours  

       Extended engagments are availble for dinner dates, business travel, holiday parties. 


Cancellation Policy 

24 hours or less is subject to a 50% cancellation fee with opportunity to re-schedule.

4 hours or less is Subject to a  100% cancellation fee with opportunity to reschedule.

No call/ No shows says alot about your character 


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