New Clients

 I truly believe that a genuine connection is necessary to get the most out of any experience.  Unfortunately, an hour is not quite long enough to build that connection.  the 1.5 hour appt is highly preferred for this reason. This way we will have time to get to know each other a little better without having to rush. I ask that you book the 1.5 hour appt upon  contact otherwise if you wish to extend your hour session it may not be available due to my hectic shedule. 

All new clients must be verified.  No  exceptions.  When contacting me, I ask that you provide at least 2 references (name and contact info) from reputable providers that will vouch for you.  

If you do not have references, let me know, and we can work out another way to get you verified.

This will help me to feel comfortable being alone with you. 

New clients must complete the Appointment Request Form located here for a more streamlined method. Don't worry, the process is pretty painless...

Please note that it usually takes at least 24 hours to get verified.  Please be sure you ask your providers for a reference so that they are aware and it prevents delays. For this reason, planning a day or two ahead of time is highly suggested and greatly appreciated!


Your Private Affair

For those seeking a more exclusive arrangement  with yours truly, A secret rendezvouz package better suits your desires. If this is the sort of relationship that tickles your fancy, please contact me so we may sort out all the titillating details of our ensuing affairs. 

Business travel, Social Events, Dinner date and extended hours are all welcome.  Please inquire regarding overnight stays and long term arrangements . 

The possibilities are endless!


                                   Returning Clients

Day-of and last minute appointments are reserved for select returning patrons. I will honor old rates for old friends until end of this year.  I request that you schedule at least 2-3 hours ahead of time so that I can get all dolled up and pretty for you.           



Washington, DC                   October 24-25

Nashville, TN                          November 6-7

New York City                       November 8-10