Upcoming Travels


Denver                  March   5-6

Salt Lake City       March  7-8

Los Angeles           March 9-10

Phoenix                 March 12-13

San Antonio          March 14-15

STL                        April    3-4


Cities I plan on touring soon  include :  Kansas City, Phillidelphia,, Charolette, minneapolis 

If You'd like to have me visit your city, please pre-screen so I  will place you on top of my list. 


First and foremost, the honorarium for my time is not negotiable. Haggling or trying to bargain these rates is not only disrespectful but also insulting and will not be tolerated. I am a luxury companion who provides a sensuous experience above all else and my rates reflect this.  Unsealed envelope in plan view is appreciated.

           1 Hour  ~ $400 / $450 

1.5 Hour ~ $600

2 Hours ~ $800

3 Hours ~ $1100

4 Hours ~ $1400


Extended visits, monthly arrangements and Fly me to you options available upon request.  Louisville is my home city for fly me to you option. I would recommend pricing round trip travels from any one of my tour cities as rates may me more favorable! 

Haggling my rates is distasteful and prevents your opportunity for scheduling with me. I never offer appointments under 1 hour. When touring new cities I do offer introductory promotion for pre-bookings with deposits prior to my arrival. Promotion ends when I arrive to your city and regular rates apply. I do not have a cancellation policy as I trust you are respectful of my time. The deposit secures your appointment time and you'll have an opportunity to reschedule during the same tour while I'm there. Should you cancel without rescheduling or No Call No Show the deposit is for inconvence towards my scheduling..
Very fair and simple.