You should know! 

I have ZERO tolerance  for SHADY people and their mischevious attempts to pull a fast one over me.

You all can thank your fellow mongers for forcing me to implement a thorough, In depth screening method that works great for me. I will NOT entertain alternative requests for screening new clients no matter who you think you are! Your role in your occupation will never supercede my safety and peace of mind.  My screening is basic, I'm sure you would agree that I'm in the "need to know" right for asking such detail.  You may omit  your SS# and blood type for now.  LOL  j/k on that last comment! 

examples may include :

All electronics including watches will be covered or placed in a seperate room/location. 
charge backs, fake negative reviews (just cause I won't see you or you had fabricated a fantasy in your head and I refused to play your games as it may be against my morals or down right gross.  Threats of any kind and rate discrepencies at your appointment.  I'm sure I'll come up with more, in due time as there's always a "Yolo" bold fella from time to time. 

I'm not the test you want to fail!  Trust me, you don't want to flip my switch. 

I will NOT hesitate to implement extreme measures to handle such situations .

Please consider this a fair warning

tread carefully! 


Please complete the link applicable to you.  If you have provider references and choose the Newbie Option, it will cost you $50 penalty whether we meet or not as I have to pay someone to conduct the employement screening. 


 Seasoned Guests                                      





Adult Content Warning / additional info you should know! 
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